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Order Tracking

How To Track An Order:

-First Try Your Email Inbox -We Are Now Sending Shipment Notifications for most items As Soon as they Are Shipped -
- If You Paid With Paypal Then Check Your Paypal Account Email address ( its the email address your paypal account is based on)

- please note: we do use a couple of warehouses that do not provide us with timely tracking information. due to this we may not have tracking available until after your package arrives.

-Packages Generally Ship Within 2 - 3 Days Of Placement - This Time Can Vary Especially If The Order Has Several Items And Can Take Up To A Week
-Tracking Numbers Are Not Provided For Drop Shipped Items - they usually arrive before we are able to get the information

-If Its Been Over A Week You Should Send Us An Email Immediately

Subject Line: TRACKING -
Your Full Name
Ship to Zip Code
Phone Number
Ordering Method - ONLINE or by PHONE
List Of Items Ordered

And We Will Respond As Soon As Information Is Available

-Please Note: Requests For Tracking Will Not Be Answered Within 4 Days Of Placing The Order - DO NOT SEND A REQUEST WITHIN 4 DAYS

-Tracking Requests Will Be Answered As Soon As Information Is Available - we don't want you to wait and will send it asap.

-Tracking Is Not Provided By Phone - Please Do Not Call Asking For Tracking Information Our Phone Reps DO NOT Have Access To This Information - if you do call please have a valid email address ready so that we can forward the tracking to it.


If your email requesting tracking hasn't been answered in a normal amount of time please check your spam folder, its usually there.

Thank You Your Support
                - SDScooters Team