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ESR750EX Scooter

goped esr750ex
*2009 model shown - rims are now environmentally friendly composites
Scooter Details:

Winner of the 2005 scooter of the year award - goped has done it again with the ESR750EX Scooter - last year they won with the ESR750 and they have now won their second award in a row. This is unprecedented for an electric scooter manufacturer. The ESR750EX builds upon the successes of the original go speed racer by adding additional battery capacity without enlarging the scooter. Range is now a full 12 miles giving you the ability to go farther than ever before. The ESR750EX is available in candy apple red and gloss back has an available seat kit and many accessories available for you to customize it to your needs. Go with a winner go with an ESR750EX from goped!
ESR750EX Scooter Specifications:

Motor 24V Brushed D/C motor with an extra large heat sink
Power Excellent Hill Climbing power
* Maximum Speed up to 20 mph in turbo mode
Dual Performance modes: Turbo and Econo mode
Batteries Four 12V sealed lead acid batteries standard
11Ah @ 10hr rate, 6Ah @ 15min rate
see eSR750EX Battery comparisons for li-ion information
Power Controller programmable speed controller
Charger Dual voltage On board smart charger with 110v-240v capability
Additional external 6amp charger included with li-ion packs
* Range Economy Mode - 12+ miles
Turbo Mode - 8 miles
(with a 160lb rider, on flat ground, continuous ridding)
Transmission Automatic Adjusting Chain Drive
Dimensions UnFolded: L-48in W-18in H-41in / Folded: L-48in W-18in H-17in
Weight 62 lbs - see comparisons for lightweight Li-ion specifications
Max Load 400 pounds
Frame Aircraft grade 4130 Chromoly
Fork Patented CIDLI Made with aircraft grade 4130 Chromoly
Handlebar 6061-T6 aircraft Grade aluminum
Tires air filled 10" TT Tires
Rims Lightweight Mach 4 Composite Rims
Front Brake Mad Dog Disk Brake System
Rear Brake Optional rear disk brake kit available - see accessories
Folding simple folding mechanism for storage and carrying
Additional Features Zero Emission electric Vehicle
Heavy duty front and rear axles
Motorcycle style rear fender
glides easily with the power off
super quiet
has a low deck height and excellent ground clearance at the same time.

Optional detachable seat, beam seat rack, and rear disk brake available.
Suggested Usage Touring, commuting and cruising
Unmatched economic transportation
Export no
* Note range Specifications may vary depending on rider weight and conditions.
Optional ESR750EX Upgrades:
mirror set
ESR750EX adjustable mirror
  • Mounts on the end of your handle bar
  • ride safely
  • easy to install
  • folds out of the way when needed
Race Cones
ESR750EX seat kit
  • goped Seat and basket kit
  • hardware is included
  • great for transporting just about anything
  • available in black or red
Race Cones
ESR750EX seat kit with cargo rack
  • Seat kit with both the cargo rack and basket
  • two options for carrying anything
  • hardware included
  • available in red or black
Race Cones
ESR750EX front suspension kit
  • Patented front suspension kit
  • works perfectly on the ESR750EX
  • Colors available to match your frame
  • 2.7" of travel
Race Cones
ESR750EX rear brake kit
  • goped rear brake kit
  • stop faster
  • great addition for your scooter
  • hardware and parts are included
Esr750ex horn
ESR750EX horn kit
  • airzounds horn kit for the ESR850EX
  • really loud
  • recharges with compressed air
  • excellent for when you near vehicles
ESR750EX Battery Comparisons
Model Battery Type Weight Top Speed Range Economy Mode* Range Turbo Mode* Maximum Recharge Time*** Cycle Life**
Four Lead Acid Batteries   62lbs 20mph 12 miles 8 miles 7hr (in) /NA (ex) >200
16ah Li-Ion Two Li-Ion Packs 41lbs 20mph 15 miles 9 miles 6.5hr (in) /3hr (ex) >300
24ah Li-Ion Three Li-Ion Packs 44lbs 20mph 23 miles 14 miles 9.8hr (in) /4.5hr (ex) >400
32ah Li-Ion Four Li-Ion Packs 47lbs 20mph 31 miles 18 miles 13hr (in) /5.8hr (ex) >500

Note: All estimates are based on current data
* For comparison purposes only; with 170 lb rider, At top speed, non-stop, wind Free, No Grade, Hard Smooth surface, maximum tire pressure.

** Battery cycle life depends upon: Depth of discharge, charge state, storage, temperature and other variable stress factors.

*** (in) = internal charger - (ex) = external charger
ESR750EX Scooter Warranty:

Manufacturer 90 day Limited Warranty


for additional warranty information please see

proudly made in the USA

Buy your goped esr750ex Here

Price $
get upgrades for your goped esr750ex
get upgrades for your goped esr750ex
Free Light Kit**  $22 msrp
input quantity

note: shipping charges apply to discounted and free items

*Pricing includes the on board 2.5 amp auxiliary charger with chord, and off board 6 amp Li-ion battery charger/conditioner
**Free Light Kit - Hallogen/LED light included with SLA Battery Option OR Cygo Night Rover with Any Li-Ion Battery Upgrade

note: shipping charges apply to discounted and free items

goped esr750ex - scooter of the year!


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