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4 Stroke R6 Pocket Bike Parts

If Your Super Bike Looks Like The R6 Super Bike To The Right Then You Are In The Right Place!
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We Carry Most Parts For Your R6 Pocket Bike Including OEM and
The Largest Selection Of Aftermarket & Performance Parts.
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Performance Air Filter- Large Cone Foam Performanceormance Air Filter - Washable / ReUsable $17
Performance Air Filter K&N Style- Pleated Gauze Filter - Washable /Reusable $23
Performance Air Filter K&N Style w/90 deg Mount- Move Your Filter Up Away From The Engine For More Performance - Pleated Gauze Filter - Washable /Reusable $29
Performance Cam Shaft- More Power More Speed - For Engines w/ 68mm Long Camshafts $65 
High Rev CDI Unit- Get The Most Out Of Your Upgrades With This High RPM CDI $60 
Racing Sprocket- 14 Tooth Power Sprocket - Front     $21 
Spark Plug- Irridum Spark Plug - Maximizes Your Spark $15

R6 Speed Packages

Speed Package- Stage 1: High RPM CDI Unit - Performanceormance Spark Plug - Performance Foam Filter $83
Speed Package- Stage 2: All of Stage 1 Plus - Performance Cam Shaft- see above for fit $140
Speed Package- Stage 3: Stages 1 & 2 Plus: Performance Exhaust $285
Make It Wild- Stage 3 Speed Package w/ 4oz NOS Kit - WILD!!! $525

R6 Repair & Maintenance Packages

Engine Tune Up Package- Rings, Spark Plug $35
Engine Rebuild Kit- Cylinder, Piston, Rings, Spark Plug, Gasket $84
Engine Service- Send Us Your R6 Pocket Bike Engine For Complete Professional Diagnosis - Repair - Parts Installation - And Tuning from $55

R6 4-Stroke Engine Parts

Carburetor - Automatic Choke Engines -Complete Carburetor for R6 Engine w/ Automatic Choke $63
Carburetor - Manual Choke Engines -Complete Carburetor for R6 Engine w/ Manual Choke $63
Crank shaft -Crank Shaft And Rod Assembly $65
Crank shaft seals -Crank Shaft Seals (pair) $12
Cylinder -Cylinder for R6 Engine $58
Cylinder Head Casing -Cylinder Head Casing For R6 Engine $ 48
Cylinder Head Assembly -Complete Cylinder Head Assembly w/ Rocker Arms - Cam Shaft - Shaft Bearings $115
Oil Pump -Complete Oil Pump for R6 Engine $27
Piston -R6 Piston $35
Piston & Rings -R6 Piston & Rings $52
Rings -Set Of Piston Rings $22
Rocker Arm -Pair Of Rocker Arms $28
Timing Chain -Engine Timing Chain $18
Transmission -Complete Low End Assembly w/ Crank Shaft Assembly - Engine Case Halves - Transmission - Clutch $195
Valves -Pair Of Valves - One Intake and One Exhaust $25
Bearings- High Speed Wheel Bearings (1 pair)
Bearings- High Speed Wheel Bearings (2 pair)
Brake Assembly Front- Hydraulic Front Brake Assembly Includes Handle - Resevoir - Hose & Caliper
Brake Assembly Rear- Hydraulic Rear Brake Assembly Includes Handle - Resevoir - Hose & Caliper
Brake Caliper-Front Brakes w/ Pads
Carburetor- Stock Chinese R6 Carburetor w/ Manual Choke
Carburetor- Stock Chinese R6 Carburetor w/ Automatic Choke
Carburetor Gasket- Gasket w/O Ring
Chain- Assembled Chain w/ Master Link
Chain Master Link- Two Master Links
Clutch - Semi automatic clutch, 3 shoes and spring assembly w/drum
Clutch- Traditional Single Plate Style Automatic Clutch w/housing
Clutch- Manual Clutch Assembly
Crank Shaft- see engine parts -more
Cylinder- see engine parts -more
Engine49cc - 110cc - Complete R6 Engines From 50cc - 110cc w/ Electric Start & Transmission - Add Your Intake - Bolt It On And Go! - See Engines & Parts -more
Exhaust Gasket- Two Exhaust Gaskets
Foot Peg(pair)
Forks- Chrome - Hydraulic / Pneumatic Style - Includes Left & Right Fork Tubes
Fork Clamps- Triple Tree (upper and lower)
Ignition Electronic CDI Unit- Ignition Module
Kick Start- L Shaped Kick Start - Straight Arm
Kick Start- Angle Shaped Kick Start - Bent Arm
Magneto- Complete Magneto Assembly w/Wires
Oil Pump- Oil Pump Assembly
Piston- see engine parts -more
Piston Rings- see engine parts -more
Piston & Rings- see engine parts -more
Rim- Aluminum Spoked Front Wheel
Rim-Aluminum Spoked Rear Wheel
Rocket Arms- see engine parts -more
Solenoid- Starter Solenoid
Spark Plug- NGK / Champion
Sprocket- Engine / Transmission Sprocket
Sprocket- Rear Wheel Sprocket
Starter Motor- Top Mounting Engine Starter Motor
Starter Motor- Bottom Mounting Engine Starter Motor
Throttle- Twist Grip Throttle - Complete Assembly w/ All OEM Switches*
Throttle Cable
Tire- R6 Front Tire
Tire- R6 Rear Tire

R6 Pocket Bike Accessories

Kryptonite NY Noose- Best Pocket Bike Lock Available $85
LED Light Kit- Accent Your Super Bike With These Cool Super Brigh Light Kits - Cool Colors Including Lime, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow- Each Kit Has 4 Bulbs - Two For Surface Mounting Under Bodywork and Two For Thru Body Mounting - These Wire Directly To Your Battery For Easy Installation - Please Note Color Selection In Comments Section During Checkout $38
Racing Stickers- Huge Factory Sticker Assortment $15

R6 Specialized Tools

Chain Tool- Pocket Bike 4 Stroke Chain Breaker $35
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