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SDscoote Has The Best New X19 Super Pocket Bike

Pocket Bikes are sold out / discontinued - we will not be getting more.

X19 super pocket bike

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x19 Pocket Bike 2009 model shown - current models do not have headlights and turn signals

Base Price $614
get upgrades for your goped esr750h hoverboard
Performance Air Filter (PF) $ Free
+5mph kit (sprocket w/master) (SP) $38
Power Sprocket (PS) $15
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note: shipping charges apply to discounted and free items

X19 Super Pocket Bikes With The 110cc Engine Are Currently The Hottest Thing Going In The Pocket Bike Market. In The Category Of Pocket Bikes The All New X19 Is A Welcome Addition With Its Cool Looks And Great Performance. Sporting A Monster 110cc Engine With Either A 4 Speed Manual Transmission With Hand Clutch Or A Fully Automatic Transmission For Riding Ease. Ride Quality And Reliability Will Never Be An Issue With The X19 Super Pocket Bike. It Has A Plush Front And Rear Suspension - A Heavy Duty Frame - Proven Four Stroke Engine - Heavy Duty Drive System - Sleek Styling And Ample Power. Ride The Latest Bike - Get A X19 110cc Pocket rocket pocket Bike
X19 Features

  • this is a great looking bike straight out of the crate
  • massive 110cc four stroke engine (no mixing of oil and fuel required)
  • A choice of semi Automatic ( handless clutch) transmission or 4 speed manual (with hand clutch)
  • front and rear hydraulic disk brakes provide all the stopping power you're going to need
  • X19 pocket bikes have full front and rear suspensions to soak up those bumps
  • the cage frame is designed to reduce flex and increase handling, its also the strongest frame type on these bikes
  • both the front and rear tires are deep grooved with the latest tread designs for excellent handling
  • strong and lightweight aluminum alloy multi spoke rims
  • ignition switch with key
  • great gas mileage at over 30mpg for even the biggest riders
  • single tuned exhaust for excellent performance
  • adjustable controls so everyone can have that perfect ride
The X19 super pocket bike is a rider favorite.
get one now and stay ahead of the rest!
x19 specifications*  
Motor Power 110CC Single Cylinder four stroke (6.5 Horse Power*)
Motor Specs.52mm Bore 49.5mm Stroke / 10.8:1 Compression
Suspension System Front & Rear Shocks
Transmission 4-Speed Manual Shift with Hand Clutch or semi Automatic
Fuel mid grade unleaded Gas
Ignition Keyed Ignition
Lubrication Engine 10w-40 Motorcycle oil
Starter System Kick Starter with electric start
Speed 60-65+ MPH - 2009 model ** (see below)
30-35 mPH - 2012 and later model
Fuel Tank1.8 Liter
Wheel Type Custom Polished Aluminum alloy rims  
Body MaterialPlastic Injected
Brake Hydraulic Disk Brakes with Braided Brake lines both front and rear
Tire SizeFront Tire - 90/65-10 Tubeless
Rear Tire - 145/50-10 Tubeless
Instruments Speedometer & Gear Indicator
Safety Features functioning - Brake Lights and Horn
Head Lights not installed at factory - aftermarket part available
Anti-TheftKey Lock Ignition
Max. Rider Weight 250 lbs*
High Performance Features Single Chrome Tip Exhaust
Seat Height 24"
Suggested Use Offroad, Closed course racing, private property
Export No
DOT Compliant No
*2009 Mfg specifications - Actual speed was ~60kph or ~45mph ( the speedometer is also inaccurate)
2012 model Will be different
Expected changes include: lights and emissions

**Importer specifications - the speed has changed for ALL 2012 bikes being imported they are now restricted to 35mph - This is the same for EVERY X19 bike There are no different versions of the x19, they are all the same - Yes other web sites Lie -
if you don't believe us ask other users at these forums:
pocketbikeplanet.com or midbikenation.com
X19 Warranty Coverage

30 day manufacturer limited warranty -
Coverage is limited to: manufacturer defects for the first 30 days after delivery/ receipt of the unit.
Warranty is valid only if:
1. The product is completely and correctly assembled by a certified automotive or motorcycle technician.
2. The product is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose.
3. The product receives all necessary maintenance, adjustments. (original receipt(s) required)

All warranties are voided if: the unit has been altered in any way, is used in racing, competition, rented, used under abnormal conditions, subjected to abuse, misuse, neglect or improper maintenance.  

Coverage Includes Defects to: Engine, Transmission, Fuel System, Electrical System, Brakes . . .*

General: labor, towing, shipping, loss of time without motorcycle, vandalism, fire or theft are not covered or reimbursable under any circumstance.
The following parts are not covered: Tires, rims, body panels, fuses, forks, shocks, gaskets, light bulbs, seats, CV Boots, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, filters, clutch, wear parts, cables, drive belt, chain, spark plug, any part made from rubber, belts, brake linings and/or pads, batteries, sprockets, external springs, clips, nuts, bolts and fasteners.

Limitations: Damage and misuse is not covered under any circumstance including but not limited to: Jumping, Stunt ridding, Modification of any kind, Racing, Ridding at constant wide open throttle, Unit is used as a rental, Damage caused by an accident, Product is used in...*
Requirements: We require the original part be returned to us with a copy of our vehicle inspection certificate indicating the defective nature of the merchandise. Upon arrival, we will verify the defect. . Also it is the . . .*

*For the complete warranty please see warranty and further information in our FAQ section

X19 super pocket bike Parts

Front Brake Pad Pair
Rear Brake Pad Pair
Chain - complete Chain w/ Master Link
Clutch Cable - For Manual Clutch
Throttle Cable
Front Tire
Rear Tire
click for a complete selection of x19 pocket bike parts, accessories and tools
X19 Customer Feedback

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Tommy says...
So from what I\'ve read on this site so far is you guys do not currently carry any pocket bikes that go over 35? You don\'t have any of the bikes that do 60+?
Tommy, Sorry this is confusing for you and so many people. The bottom line is this: These bikes have never done 60+mph out of the box. If your lucky and got a fast one a little over 45mph was possible. X19\'s with automatic transmissions max out at about 35mph, always have. The speedometer is in kph not mph, 60kph is about 45mph. This is the source of most of the confusion.
14th January 2012 2:20pm
Jason Bruner says...
Is there any way I could still get the 2009? Because I still want the working lights on it.
Jason, Unfortunately older versions are not available. You might want to try craigslist for a used x19. If you need a new one we offer light kits for both the x18 and x19.
5th October 2011 7:26pm
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Emanuel says...
Confused :I was reading the specifications and it said something about only going 35 mph but I am not really understanding if it is going to be 35 or the top 60-65 which is what I would want because I want to drove it to school and Im going to look pathetic on the road/highway going 35 and I would not be able to get to school on time so please tell me were I can get one that goes about 60
Hi, This is a complicated issue, the simple answer is 30-35mph for an automatic transmission bike and maybe 35mph+ for a manual transmission bike in stock straight out of the crate condition. The speed is mandated by the EPA (gov agency) to keep our air clean. These bikes (all pocket bike models) also have an off-road vin number and are intended for use on private property, race tracks or off-road. Maximum speed with bolt-on parts is maybe 5-15mph faster depending on your weight, location, and individual bike. Higher speeds can be reached with more serious modifications. More information can be found in our tech section or on the pocketbikeplanet.com and midbikenation.com forums. Hope this helps -SDscooters Team

Update: Emanuel, we have taken your and the feedback of others and updated the specifications to be 100% correct. Hopefully they are more understandable now. Thanks again!
28th July 2011 12:30am
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stanganelli says...
hello I’m french and I would buy the pocket bike x 19 but I do not know if you deliver in France ?
Hi, we are not able to ship midbikes outside the USA due to customs restrictions. It is also very expensive, about the cost of a bike. You will most likely find a seller in or near your country. Thank you for your message. -SDscooters Team
17th July 2011 2:59am
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