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GSR Sport Scooters, perfect mini scooter ride

Take the best of the goped sport and combine it with the essence of the GSR - the resulting gSR sport model has it all. Its compact like a sport and has a chain drive like the famous GSR models. The GSR sport is the latest goped and some feel the ideal gas powered scooter. Goped's have always been bullet proof and the GSR sport is no exception - it utilizes a patented lightweight heavy duty frame the new fuel efficient gz25n23 zonoah engine and the strong and simple goped folding mechanism. All of this perfection comes in sinister black for the most impact. everyone in the family will love this scooter!

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GSR Sport Gas Scooter Specifications

Specifications - GSR Sport Scooters

model GSR Sport
Suggested Usage City / Cruising
Engine 25.4cc - 1.2 HP
Max Speed 21
Transmission Automatic Centrifugal Clutch
Weight 24lbs
Fuel Economy 200mpg est
Fuel Tank 1 Liter
Tires 6 inch Go-Active
Brakes Caliper
Capacity 400lbs
California Air Resource Board Legal Yes
Export Yes
APO/ AE Yes can be shipped to US military Bases
Sound dB (Max RPM) 78
Additional Features Heavy Duty Frame
Idle/Freewheel capable
Ultra Fuel Efficient
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