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  1. Free expert advice
  2. Operators based in the U.S.
  3. Large selection of big kids go karts
  4. Only proven brands and models are offered
  5. Free professional technical assistance on all purchases
  6. We are experts on every model we offer
  7. Parts are available on all models
  8. Simplified purchasing
  9. Service before and after delivery
  10. Extended holiday warranty
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About the models

Go Karts! Yep we have them for kids of all ages. Our karts are great for casual neighborhood racing, cruising your driveway, bombing through fields and down desert trails. Get the kids started in mini motor sports or check one of the more powerful karting models for yourself. These fun karts are definitely the way to go.

If your in a quieter neighborhood you and your neighbors will really appreciate our electric models including ScooterX's Electric Powerkart and Mototech's 350w Solar Kart and Electric ATV. Each is loads of fun for the younger rider.

Need gas power and run time? Well look no further we definitely have you covered. From the least expensive gas model available, the Scooterx Powerkart 49cc to the higher quality Goped Go-Quad 30 and Go-Quad 46 street karts, check them out.

Going off road? Then take a look at these two extreme performance karts, the Scooterx Sport Kart at up to 45mph and the unsurpassed TRQ46 aka Trail Ripper Quad, they are Awesome!

As usual, we have parts and performance parts for all the models we offer. Have questions? then give us a call our experts are ready to make choosing the right go-kart model easy.

Important Notes:

  • Please make sure to call us after making your purchase - we like to go over your order with you to confirm the warranty terms and to make sure its the best selection for you - your order will not ship until this conversation has taken place.
  • Mechanical aptitude is required for all gas powered scooters and highly recommended for electrics.
  • Shipping applies to optional and free items.
  • Please wear protective gear and ride safely.
  • Read our purchase agreement here, it is for your protection

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