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EVO brake adjustment

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Adjusting EVO scooter brake calipers

Tools: Bicycle multi tool or metric open end wrench set and meteric allen wrench set

1 - check caliper mount alignment (see "A") move the caliper mount so that there is a minimum amount of space
2 - adjust float using thumb screws. there should be a 1-2mm space between the inner pad and the brake disk. make sure to rotate the wheel, making sure it does so freely.
3 - remove the plastic cover and adjust the outer brake pad, 1-2mm space between outer pad and brake disk. rotate the wheel, making sure it does so freely.
4 - check and adjust the brake cable using the thumb screws at the brake handle - if more adjustment is needed reposition the cable in the brake caliper arm.

NOte: if you're needing to frequently adjust the brakes (every ride) your most likely experiencing brake self adjustment. you will want to set the adjustment as above and add a drop of super glue (thick type) to the float adjustment screws to keep them from moving. You will need to remove the super glue with acetone to adjust the float again.

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