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We Stock All Of These Parts For Your 43cc Gas Scooter Including OEM Parts, Aftermarket Performance Parts and Tools .

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43cc Scooter Performance Parts

Performance Racing Carburetor - Big Bore Pumper Carb, Dual Adjustment with adapter plate, requires velocity stack and choke   $63
JuiceBox - Intake Manifold With Performance Enhancing AirChamber, Increases Throttle Response And Overall Performance   $59
Billet Velocity Stack - Improves Airflow, Used w/Perf Filter & Walbro Carbs $14
Billet Choke - Makes Starting Easier, used w/ Perf Filter & Walbro Carb $12
Performance Air Filter - K&N Style, Needs Velocity Stack Works With Our 43cc Performance Carburetors $15
Chrome Covered Performance Air Filter - K&N Style Keeps The Dirt Out, Excellent For Dirty Muddy Conditions, Needs Choke and Velocity Stack $23
RocketKey - Timing Advance Key, Maximizes Speed, tools available below $9
Racing Clutch - Allows engine to reach higher rpm before engaging, increases launch power, Great For Maximizing Low Speed Power, $32
Spark Plug - Replace That Cheap Chinese Spark Plug With One That Will Maximize Your Engines Spark $5
High Performance Power Pipe - Chrome Expansion Chamber Pipe, Increases Overall Power & Maximizes Speed, *requires mounting bracket modification $145
52cc Big Bore Kit Includes Big Bore Cylinder, Piston, Rings & Complete Gasket Set $65
52cc Big Bore Kit Includes Big Bore Cylinder, Race Ported Piston, Rings & Complete Gasket Set $65


43cc Performance Packages

Intake Package - Juice Box, Filter, Vstack w/Choke $90
Carburetor Package - Performance Carburetor plus Juice Box, Filter, Vstack w/Choke $149
Performance Filter Package - High Flow K&N Style Filter, Velocity Stack w/Choke $23
43cc Starter Package - Performance Filter, Velocity Stack, Choke, Spark Plug, & Rocket Key $54
43cc Speed Package Stage 1, HP Pipe PLUS Racing Carburetor, Spark Plug Performance Filter, Vstack w/Choke, Rocket Key $235
43cc Speed Package Stage 2 - Juice Box PLUS, HP Pipe, Racing Carburetor, Spark Plug, Performance Filter, Vstack w/Choke, Timing Key, BEST BUY! $288
Racing Package Stage 3 - Racing Clutch PLUS Juice Box, HP Pipe, Racing Carburetor, Spark Plug, Performance Filter, Vstack w/Choke, Timing Key $325
Add A 52cc Big Bore Kit w/ Race Porting To Any Package! $139
Add A Racing Carburetor To Any Package $55
Add A Chrome Covered Performance Air Filter $15
We substitute better than OEM 43cc Scooter parts as they become available


43cc Scooter OEM Parts

Air Filter Assembly w/insert - stock $22
Air Filter Insert Foam $8
Battery $28
Brake Cable - Front $14
Brake Cable - Rear $16
Brake Drum Assembly w/drum $19
Brake Handle - Left $16
Brake Handle - right $16
Brake Pads - U Shaped Disk Brake Pads $8
Brake Pads - Square ish Shaped Disk Brake Pads $8
Brake Caliper - w/ Pads type CW
Brake Caliper - w/ Pads Type CCW
Carburetor 43cc Stock $39
Carburetor 43cc - HIgh Quality Replacement Carburetor $54
Carburetor Gasket $5
Chain - #25 $19
Chain - 8mm 3 feet and master links $24
Charger - Gas Scooter Battery Charger $38
Clutch Drum $16
Clutch Pads $25
Cylinder 43cc $39
Engine 43cc w/ electric Start $159
Engine 43cc w/ Transmission and electric Start $179
FlyWheel $33
Gas Cap - no longer available $NA
Gas Tank w/cap - Lung Shaped $22
Ignition Coil- 1 prong/wire connector $26
Ignition Coil- 2 prongs/wire connectors $26
Ignition Switch - Key Switch w/ Key, 5 Connection Prongs On Back $15
Mirrors - Pair Chrome $22
Mixing Bottle $7
Muffler Gasket 43cc (two) $6
Muffler - Stock Black Box Style (quieter version) $25
Piston 43cc $22
Piston Rings - Pair $12
Piston Rings - Two Pair $21
Pull Start - Complete Pull Start Assembly w/ Handle, Rope, Recoil Mechanism, Housing, Comes Assembled $26
Pull StartPawl - Metal Part On Engine Shaft Behind Pull Start $16
Relay - Sarter Relay Round Style w/ 4 Connections $18
Relay - Starter Relay Finned Box Style w/ 4 Connections At One End $20
Rectifier - For Charging System $22
Spark Plug - NGK / Champion $5
Sprocket - Wheel sprocket, 55 tooth for #25 chain $22
Sprocket Free Wheel - ratcheting sprocket Mount w/ 4 Bolt Holes $17
Sprocket - Transmission (Thin chain) $16
Throttle - w/ Kill Switch $26
Throttle Cable $17
Throttle - w/ Electric Starter Button $26
Tire - Street Tread $23
Tire - Multi Purpose Turf Tread $23
Transmission $45
Tube - Quality w/ Angled Valve $10
Wheel Bearing - (pair) $13


43cc Repair & Maintenance Packages

Engine Package - Piston, Rings, Spark Plug $40

43cc Specialized Tools

FlyWheel Puller - Needed To Install The Timing Key $11
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